Top 40 Chairs & Seating Designs, Ideas & Concepts of January 2015

Here’s a Complete Collection of all the Chairs or Seating Concepts and ideas that were revealed in January 2015.

1. Doll House Chair : Splits into a Doll-house

The Doll House Chair is a Multi-purpose chair that doubles as a Doll House for your daughter or Your Son’s Toy Storage Compartment.

See Doll House Chair (11 Photos) >>

Designers : Torafu Architects, Koichi Suzuno and Alicja Strzyzynska

Dollhouse Chair (7)

2. Sally Chair : Hand-crafted Minimalist Strong Structured Chair

See Sally Chair (19 Photos)>>

Designer: Jin Kuramoto

Sally Chair Matsuso T (1),

3. Kuskoabi Chair : Eco-friendly Chair made of 100% Bio-Plastic Material

See Kuskaobi Chair (4 photos)>>

Designer: Jean Louis Iratzoki

Alki Chair (1) Alki Chair (1)

4. Lammino : A Denim Upholstery Chair

A chair with denim upholstery to enhance comfort and seating experience. A limited edition chair available in three variations of denim which are 100% organic.

See Lammino Chair (6 Photos) >>

Designer: Nudie Jeans Co.

Nudie jeans (1) Nudie jeans (3)

5. Petal Chair : A Flower Petal Design inspired Chair

The Petal Chair is based on flowers and takes reference to the magical beauty that awaits inside the petals. This chair offer a small space where one can feel safe and relax with a cup of tea, or enjoy a discussion in a hotel lobby.

See Petal Chair (3 Photos) >>

Designer: Stone Design

Petal Chair (1) Petal Chair (2)

6. Stratum Chair : Three-legged Organic Fashion Chair

Carved using advanced CNC milling and fabrication technologies, Kalo designs a three legged chair that expresses its materialist in a very organic fashion by highlighting the plywood strata layers.

See Stratum Chair (3 Photos) >>

Designer: Ammar Kalo

Stratum Chair (3)Stratum Chair (2)

7. Ciel Chair : Comfortable Modular Shell Structured Arm Chair

Designed for french restaurant, Ciel is a soothing and comfy arm chair for TABISSO. Using 3d wood modelling Ciel has a complex shell structure with upholstered seating. Available in oak and walnut version, this chair is accounted for both private and professional use.

For more contemporary looks, this chair is available in smooth, glossy black or white ABS shell.

See Ciel Chair (11 Photos) >>

Designer: Noé Duchaufour Lawrance

Ciel (1) Ciel (3)

8. Brodgar : Handcrafted Leather, Straw and Wood Chair

Composed of handcrafted leather, straw and wood, ‘Brodgar’ is a bold statement for its contemporary looks characterized by a straw back. The high quality craftsmanship and material makes this chair a perfect aesthetic for contemporary homes.

See Brodgar Chair (13 Photos + video) >>

Designer: Gareth Neal’s

Brodegar (1) Brodegar (2)

9. Shaker Chair : Shaker Movement Inspired Chair

Especially designed for compact environments, by Shangai based duo ‘Shaker’ is informed by the honest materials.

See Shaker Chair (9 Photos) >>

Designer: Neri&Hu

Shaker (1) Shaker (2)

10. “Imagination Fused with Real World Object” Chairs

See “Imagination Fused with Real World Object” Chairs (13 Photos) >>

Designer: Haris Jusovic

High Heals Seat (1) High Heals Seat (4)


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Top 40 Chairs & Seating Designs, Ideas & Concepts of January 2015

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