Top 15 Most Awesome Chairs of January 2015

1. Stratum Chair

The Stratum Chair is an awesome chair because it’s a three-legged chair that highlights strata layers of plywood.

See Stratum Chair (3 Photos) >>

Designer: Ammar Kalo

Stratum Chair (3)Stratum Chair (2)

2. “Imagination Fused with Real Objects” Chairs

These 13 Chairs are awesome because of the creative & unique combination of imagination and real-world objects which gives an unbelievably amazing result.

See “Imagination Fused with Real World Object” Chairs (13 Photos) >>

Designer: Haris Jusovic

High Heals Seat (1) High Heals Seat (4)

3. R-Shell Chair

The R-Shell Chair is an awesome chair because of its design. The Chair is balanced between two warped surfaces.

See R Shell Chair (8 Photos) >>

Designer: Eva Chou

R shell (2) R shell (5)

4. Ops Chair

Ops Chair is an awesome chair because of its unique looks. The Chair has “Fractured looks”.

See Ops Chair ( 8 Photos) >>

Designer: Giò Belviso

OPS Chair Gio Belviso (4)OPS Chair Gio Belviso (2)

5. A Haunting Illusionary Chair.

The Charr is awesome because of its illusionary effect. The Backrest of the chair has an embedded illusion of the designer’s face.

See Haunting Illusionary Chair (7 Photos) >>

Designer: Gabriel Särkijärvi

Illusion chair (2) Illusion chair (1)


6. Sibirjak Chair

The Sibirjak Chair is an awesome chair because of Birch bark. The Sibirjak is a lounge chair that is made of birch bark which is a durable, flexible, strong and a water-proof material.

See Sibirjak Lounge Chair ( 6 Photos) >>

Designer: Anastasiya Koshcheeva

Sibirjak (1)

Sibirjak (2)

7. Satellite Chair

Satellite Chair is an awesome chair because of an attached 180-Degree Rotating Side-Table.

See Satellite Chair (10 Photos)>>

Designer: Richard Hutten

Satellite Chair (1) Satellite Chair (2)

8. Biomimicry Chair

The Biomimicry chair is an awesome chair of its 3D printed Spongy Surface

See Biomimicry Chair (7 Photos) >>

Designer: Lilian van Daal

Biomimicry 3D (1) Biomimicry 3D (2)

9. Tipsy Task Chair

The Tipsy Task Chair is an awesome chair due to the creative idea of a spring legged chair.

See Tipsy Task Chair (7 Photos) >>

Designer: Michael Kushner

spring chair (5) spring chair (2)

10. DP Chair

The DP Chair is awesome because of its inner core which looks like candy and gumballs.

See DP Chair ( 5 Photos) >>

Designer: Alex Petunin’s

DP Chair (5) DP Chair (1)

11. Panda Banquete Chair

The Panda Banquete Chair is awesome because of its looks and comfort.

See Panda Banquete Chair (1 Photo) >>

Designer: Fernando and Humberto Campana


12. Tao Chair

The Tao Chair is awesome due to its capability to be gym and help you exercise without even getting up.

See Tao Chair (5 Photos) >>

Designer: Tao Wellness

Tao Chair (5) Tao Chair (6)

13. Doll House Chair

The Doll House chair is awesome because it easily splits into two and creates space that can be used as a doll house for kids.

See Doll House Chair (11 Photos) >>

Designers : Torafu Architects, Koichi Suzuno and Alicja Strzyzynska

Dollhouse Chair (7)

14. Woodieful

Woodieful is awesome because its a 3-in-1 furniture which is a magazine holder, side table and a stool.

See Woodieful (6 Photos) >>

Woodieful Chair (3) Woodieful Chair (6)

15. Exocet Chair

Exocet chair is awesome because it can be your recliner, lounge or whatever suits your mood

See Exocet Chair (12 Photos) >>

Designer: Stéphane Leathead

exocet (12)

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Top 15 Most Awesome Chairs of January 2015

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