Synthetic Grass: What to know Before Buying

Synthetic grass is the assurance of having a garden, terrace or balcony always impeccable. But for a more lifelike result a fake grass is chosen carefully. So, follow the guide …

Artificial grass seduced by many aspects. It easily competes with natural grass in the garden for several reasons:
– No need to wait several months to see the first blades of grass,
– finished the chores of mowing, the fight against weeds and the irrigation,
– maintenance is limited to a small brushing occasionally.

On a terrace or balcony , synthetic grass soil mask imperfections. It transforms a sad concrete decor or lifeless pile of gravel in a relaxing and welcoming.


Synthetic grass for small spaces

Synthetic Grass (2)

This artificial grass for balcony and garden, soft touch, consists of fine fibers of polypropylene. Height strands: 35 mm. Latex backing. Warranty: 3 years. Soft artificial grass at Leroy Merlin. Roll of 4 m (1 m wide): 91.60 euros. 22.90 m².

More realistically, it will remain impeccable whatever the season. But on condition of choosing a proper quality product.

Synthetic Grass (5)

Synthetic Grass: What is it?

Artificial grass (or grass) is a real product that requires making careful workmanship. It is woven. In 90% of cases of false grass tufts consist of polyethylene fibers fixed on a polyurethane backing. There are also products of polypropylene or nylon rougher (more suitable for indoor football or golf).

Synthetic grass: for what purpose?

Artificial grass called “versatile” is used both in a garden , on a terrace or balcony and all types of soil.
In general, choose a synthetic lawn short strands for busy traffic areas (balcony, patio, driveway, pool decks). Otherwise the fake grass in long strands will tend to fold easily.

For a garden, the strands of long, wiry artificial grass with beautiful shades of green will be highly appreciated. Some products really mimic very well the grass blades.

To create a small playground and a football field, use a synthetic grass very wear resistant, but quite soft. Otherwise the falls are likely to be very unpleasant.

Synthetic Grass (3)

Synthetic grass Award: be an observer strand

Pricewise: really compare what is comparable. Do not rely only on price per sqm. You will indeed find prices ranging from 3 euros to over 35 euros per m²! The key is to know what you really want:

– A cheap plastic lawn small strands, unrealistic, pungent, 2 year warranty, for example emergency hide the imperfections of your patio on the eve of a barbecue with friends
– a synthetic grass high-end, durable, long strands thick tufts, very realistic to create a guaranteed relaxation area at least 10 years, but more expensive.

To choose, look at the grass at the seams

Take the time to really select your grass, especially that there is no official quality standard or approved tests. So beware wacky indications. The lifetime of an artificial grass is dependent on the quality of the strand and its support.

In store, please feel fiber tufts to return the product, fold. A good quality support capable of withstanding more than 8 years, should be doubled, do not crack when folded, the seams remain well protected and held securely. If the clumps are down at the slightest friction, change driveway.

If you wish to contact a professional for installation, be aware that the price can vary from one to three, depending on the installer. Allow between 8 euros to 15 euros on average per m² (depending on whether it is necessary or not to use a vehicle).

Synthetic Grass (4)

Artificial grass: the details that count

1. Find the right color for the grass

A beautiful artificial grass does not have a single bit of color, but a mixture of color from dark green to straw yellow, for a more natural look. The grass can be bi-color for a more realistic effect, with even a midrib.

2. Avoid bright grass

Opt for a rather dull product. Shiny synthetic grass tend to bask in the sun.

3. Ask the Product Data Sheet

Search the entries for the UV resistance to tearing etc.

4. The grass weight per m²

This is a good indication. The heavier it is, the more a material and manufacturing cost increases. Artificial grass upscale often weighs more than 3 kg per m².

5. The density of clusters of bristles to m²

The density is not always related to the weight (the strands can be long or short). It determines the appearance more or less sparse or dru synthetic lawn. For upscale for example, with strands of 4 cm: Approximately 21,000 clusters of bristles m². Suffice to say that we really need to be an expert to navigate …

6. Rely instead to mention DTEX

It corresponds to the weight of the yarn 1 km. The heavier it is, the better. This gives a better idea of the quality of the product.

Slatted aluminum and composite synthetic grass
This synthetic grass is in the form of grating Snap. It harmonizes better aesthetics with composite wood and aluminum grating. Total thickness of 43 mm grass. Dimensional grating: 30 x 30 cm. Lapeyre. Grass and aluminum grating: 6.90 euros each. Composite grating: 6.50 euros each.

Finally, to the terrace or balcony you can choose between the synthetic grass sold in rolls and products offered by plate (grating). The roller creates a pretty nice uniform carpet. The plates rather dress in small spaces. They can play alternating with wooden slatted or metal or decorative tiles. One option Deco trendy.

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Synthetic Grass: What to know Before Buying

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