Smart & Cheap Ways to Refresh your Old Bathroom

Your bathroom needs a remodelling and we are here to provide you with the best economical fix ups to make your bathroom look a lot better than usual. Without compromising style and without spending a dime you’ll be able to revamp your bathroom.

1. If there’s less space to store toiletries, keep the overflow in a rustic wooden bowl or wicker basket.

2. Dejunk the bathroom by clearing off the surface of your bathroom counter and make room for a new set of toiletries to make it look fresh and clean.

3. Replace old towels with new ones to temporarily improve the look of the bathroom.

4. Frame a piece of corkboard and use it to house your jewellery and have the privilege of choosing accessories at the same time while you’re applying make-up.

5. A small stool in one corner of the bathroom will help you neatly stack towels on it.

6. Repaint – Nothing gives your bathroom a fresher look than a simple coat of paint.

7. Add a few Toiletries in attractive packaging to add beauty to the bathroom counter.

8. Drawers need to go with the wallpaper design.

9. Add a bright flower vase and make sure to change the flowers once every week.

10. Experiment with patterns without a new paint job with inexpensive wall decals.

11. If the walls of the bathroom have a light tone, then opt for colourful towels for a better contrast and to live-up things a bit in the boring part of your house.

12. Install new faucets for a change from the boring look of the bathroom.

13.  A tall vase filled with dried flowers on the floor for some rustic charm will do a great good to the ambience.

14. Place candles of varying sizes and designs around the bathtub for instant difference in the ambience.

15. Installing a floating shelf above the toilet and placing small plants that don’t require a lot of light will brighten up your bathroom.

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16. Decorate the counter with matching, eye-catching accessories (toothbrush holder, soap dispenser) for a cool uniform look.

17. Organize the Shampoo, conditioner and soap dispensers to eliminate the mess around the tub.

18. Add floating candles in a glass bowl to add more warmth and composure to the setting of the room.

19. Add plants for a nice splash of green in your space on the window or near the chimney.

20. A simple shower caddy will de clutter the tub.

21. Adding a few Room diffusers will be an add-on as they are both decorative and do a lot to refresh the room.

22. A wall-mounted magazine rack will create space as well as make your bathroom look vibrant.

23. Extra rolls of toilet paper go only in a ceramic pot or urn, nowhere else!

24. Paint an old chair in an attractive fashion and stack magazines on it to make it look a little fashionable.

25. Replace your boring shower curtain and make sure to clean it every weekend.

26. Fill a square, glass container with shells.

27. Tie colourful ribbon around small groupings of rolled up neutral-coloured hand towels and display on the counter.

28. Place a few Incense sticks or balls in an ornate holder to provide decoration as well as a good aroma in the bathroom.

29. No clutter at your counter will enable you to make it look clean for the guests as well.

30 .A small shelf behind the toilet to store books will make the  bathroom a completely better place.

31. Framed vacation photos of the beach or waterfalls in the bathroom for some good aqua-themed memories.

32. House make-up to be stored in a vintage-inspired jewellery box.

33. The back of the counter lined with small glass bottles with a fresh cut flower in each will prvide ethe much needed change and elegance to the bathroom.

34. Assign your kids their own toiletries basket, choose from many inexpensive options at most home decor stores.

35. Bath towels are a striking feature of everyone’s bathroom; make sure to place some interesting hooks for bath towels.

36. A bamboo bath caddy with spots for a book, candle and glass of wine are going to give a super-unique look to the bathroom.

37. Dimmers on light fixtures will provide the luxury of softer lighting.

38. Organize towel hooks for an asymmetrical display of bath towels will add style to your bathroom.

39. Empty all the junk that’s accumulated in the drawers of the vanity.

40. Clean out the medicine cabinet regularly and weed out expired creams and capsules.

41. No more ratty bath mats, replace all of the old mats with something plush and soft.

42. Neatly folded black or charcoal towels on a white counter top will be a striking example of a unique and elegant style statement.

43. Clean the bathroom at least once every month from top to bottom to make it sparkle.

44. Convert the dull wall space by adding artwork .

45.  A small end table beside the tub will do wonders. Use it to house your bath towel while you’re soaking.

46. Replace an over-the-sink medicine cabinet with one that fits tightly in the corner along with a snazzy mirror.

47. Little things (hair elastics, lip gloss) go in a pretty box or basket with a lid.

48. Remove the door to one cabinet and show off your toiletries and perfume bottles.

49.  Store the cleaning products under the sink in the kitchen.

50. Replace the old knobs with fancy yet inexpensive ones. Brushed metal is an attractive option.


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Smart & Cheap Ways to Refresh your Old Bathroom

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