Revamp its Kitchen Furniture without Breaking the Bank

Want to rejuvenate your kitchen inexpensively? Interior Designer 55 presents 9 tips to revamp your kitchen furniture without changing …

Remodel Kitchen

How to revamp its kitchen furniture ? Find good advice is all the more imperative that they allow you to give a real facelift to your kitchen inexpensively. For here it is not about spending thousands of dollars to change all kitchen furniture and appliances.
Here are our tips to revamp kitchen furniture
A little paint, a lot of possibilities …

1. Give a new look to kitchen furniture with a brush stroke

To give a different look to your kitchen furniture, the first solution is to repaint. For this, the special paint kitchen is one of the options. Declined in a range of colors, it will limit the adhesion of grease and mold growth. The idea can be completely repaint the kitchen furniture or cover only the doors. Place while the color scheme between the facades and the rest of the kitchen cabinet! Two three movements, the piece back to life.
For optimal results, only one constraint: follow the instructions of the paint manufacturers and avoid traps . If you choose a special paint kitchen, place an underlay. In this room of the house, the support is often slippery and even paint the furniture causes damage. The paint can sink or ignore. And there all over again …

2. Delete the rustic style furniture

In a kitchen, furniture set the tone. And as for the rest of the house, the trends of yesterday are not those of today. But it does not change the kitchen furniture as one changes the sofa cushions … If your furniture is outdated, rustic, with moldings or just outdated, and you do not have the budget for a new kitchen, you can give them a different look with few resources. Start by gluing the doors flat wooden planks. Then give them a lick of paint for a stunning result. With a smooth and nice color , kitchen furniture found a second life.

3. Remember to choose a suitable paint finish

Increasingly, paint manufacturers compete to make us catch the slightest desire to brush deco. To simplify the step of the underlayer, Resinence has created a range of paint resin. To be applied on all media, it consists of a first layer of paint with many colors to choose from and a resin that hardens and becomes resistant.

If you opt for a classic painting, think for convenience in the kitchen furniture should be washable. For this purpose, the paint satin or glossy finish is ideal. With a matt paint, furniture may get dirty very quickly. Unless you spend over a layer of varnish that will protect them.
Last tip: if you want to paint your furniture with enamel paint, better remove doors and lay them flat. The paint will adhere even better.

4. Treat the inside of your kitchen furniture

We do not think enough but the inside cupboards and drawers is essential for a beautiful kitchen. At every opening, the storage will lay bare … An offbeat touch of paint to the exterior color helps lend a pep to your furniture. You can also paint the shelf only to beautify the interior façade. Once the furniture highlighted, use a little tweaking with new cutlery dividers, pots. Buy new boxes to better organize your closets. This intelligent organization also allows you to simplify everyday life.

5. Create a stylish kitchen with paint effects

With painting, creative ideas abound. The effect paints used to have fun and create a personal decoration. To revamp the kitchen furniture, consider chalkboard paint. It writes the shopping list or you let little words. Similarly, there is also the magnetic paint. As on the fridge, you can stick magnets over a collection.
Other examples of cool effects to paint your kitchen furniture, silver paint or hammered effect. Not to mention the many games possible colors. Painting a door of each color or create a horizontal strip paint on the kitchen furniture: the ideas are endless!
Revamp its furniture without taking his brush

6. Change the handles and door knobs…

Often in rustic kitchens, the handles are the most antiquated elements while they are accessories not to be overlooked. Have fun while caring that finishing touch! In DIY stores or specialty shops, you’ll be spoiled for choice for change. You can also have fun to recover old covered and divert handles. One can also imagine ceramic door knobs to play with odd touches of color. Knobs or handles, is more decorative in the kitchen that can make all the difference …

7 … or forget

With new kitchen furniture equipment, drawers can now open a touch gesture. Stripped of its handles, kitchen acquires a clean look, with neat lines. Design effect guaranteed! Completely handles can be removed by investing in a pressure system tinkered house or a kitchen door with a hollow edge. In both cases, without handles, leaching of furniture becomes much more convenient.

8. Remove the doors

We do not think enough but the doors of the furniture can be simply removed. Simple and original, this solution allows a different approach to the decor in the kitchen. We can then replace the doors by small curtains. Place in style! Between a greedy model patterned or colorful vitamin or plain chic, fabric chosen can bring some character to furniture. One can also opt for the fence for a flea market side. Here, too, to the imagination for bespoke kitchen furniture and stylish! Finally, we can remove doors to see a nice dinner or pretty jars.

9. Accessorize your furniture

The kitchen is the place of the covenant of the practical and aesthetic. Ideas abound for equipping furniture while healing the decoration of the room. Among these accessories, the fixtures are a real asset. Spots can, for example, be sources of light scatter over a worktop in the kitchen for better lighting. The lights allow diffuse light and highlight every corner. Another idea, shelves and other removable storage. To have a glance, these kitchen accessories are refining the organization of the room.


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Revamp its Kitchen Furniture without Breaking the Bank

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