Decor Trends That Need to Go Away in 2017

It is hard to see that a decor idea that we like goes out of style. For example the fabulous impressions of leaves of palm. At first, it was nice to see the walls covered with cheerful papers, adding a touch of color to the white or gray walls that usually flood Instagram photos. Then it happened: We began to get tired of seeing those prints again and again. What was once refreshing was starting to be a little annoying. And like any trend, there is a time when it will stop being so and that time will be 2017.

Trends that need to go out of style

The prints of leaves (such as wallpaper photo, above) are one of the many trends that suffered such a fate in 2016.

We have many questions about how this carpet (which, for the record, is made by the tribe Beni Ourain ) became the carpeting. Was it a gift for all bloggers decoration? How could everyone keep this white carpet so clean? And why did everyone suddenly decide to have a diamond design on their floor? Another trends that went out of fashion has been the decorative signs. We did not think it would be possible to get tired of a simple symbol like an arrow, but here we are.

There is also a category of colors that in 2016 passed into oblivion, even though we loved it. We are talking about neon (and other bright shades). It is not so much that we are tired of the bright, but how they have been used to add a touch of color to any room. Instead, why not use an intense color more broadly, rather than a single chair? Let’s avoid shyness in 2017.

Not all trends were received. There was a DIY technique that became ubiquitous to an almost maddening level: painting chalk period furniture. We know that not all antique furniture can be reused and that art can give them a new life in an elegant way. However, we have seen people who have abused this trend during 2016, covering excellent pieces of wood (as classic mid-century offices, tables or shelves) with layers of paint. The thrift stores are soon filled with antique furniture discarded by a coat of paint in an attempt to give a touch more vintage? It hurts to see how it has happened to unique pieces.

The list would be complete without the simple wallpaper that became the brand of the house for Joanna Gaines, and that became a real fever in Pinterest. That would be the wooden slats or Shiplap.

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Decor Trends That Need to Go Away in 2017

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