Gala presents its new collections in Cevisama with the noble materials as protagonists

Valencia has become in these days the world capital of ceramics and the equipment for the bathroom thanks to the celebration in Feria de Valencia of Cevisama (Spain). And there we moved on Tuesday to attend the presentation of the new collections of the 2017 ceramic firm and bathrooms Gala.

Collections that have excellent materials as protagonists, and that without a doubt, have a virtue that everyone can mix with all, within the range of cold and warm colors that make up the collection.

Gala (8)
From the subtle elegance of the lines to the robustness of the stone, the seven groups of this signature arise from the raw materials present in nature to create comfortable and warm spaces with natural and neutral tones ranging from the depth of graphite, Mocha or gray, in lighter colors such as beige, white or sand.

Gala (1)
The Ferrum series, inspired by the iron, represents all the strength and modernity of this material so malleable and is perfect for urban and industrial environments. To present it, at the Gala stand they served a workshop of a sculptor or a locksmith, next to the complete bathroom. In it, in addition to porcelain pieces, you should not miss looking at the porcelain sink, a unique part because it has a thickness less than usual.

Gala (2)

From the iron, we pass to the stone, protagonist of the series Mine. A series inspired by volcanic stones, which leave their mark on a textured finish that imitates the roughness of the solid surface. To represent it, in CEVISAMA have recreated a workshop goldsmith, next to a bathroom that simply caught us.

Gala (3)

This bathroom has an excellent coating inspired by the hydraulic tile with geometric motifs but with more modern shapes and soft blue tones perfect for relaxing or bathing in a Mediterranean city.

For timber members, the Logan series is perfect. How could it be otherwise, next to the bathroom, recreated the workshop of a furniture carpenter? In this series, the porcelain represents wood with many veins to give personality and character to the spaces.

The cementitious finish is fully updated to cover bathrooms, kitchens, furniture and of course, in porcelain coatings with a cementitious finish, as we could see in the Lega series. A sophisticated finish capable of giving the modern touch to any space.

The porcelain collections, Linum was presented to us, a very particular series as it gathers in a tile the warmth of the textile, with the finishes of the wood in order to convey a natural sensation in any space, as we could Check in this workshop recreation of a dressmaker, full of details and so fashionable pink tones.

Gala Clean Rim: Hygiene Technology

Gala (7)

In the area of toilets, indeed, the most innovative proposal of Gala are toilets with technology Clean Rim. This technology, implanted in the Mid collection, is a complete revolution since it guarantees a hygiene level higher than in the rest of toilets, and of course, greater ease in cleaning it.

Gala (1)How is it achieved? Designing an entirely uniform interior wall without flange to avoid the angles in which the dirt and lime are usually left, making it much easier to keep in a perfect state of the magazine.


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Gala presents its new collections in Cevisama with the noble materials as protagonists

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