The 5 Keys to Decor Where I Feel Relaxed

An architect and interior designer give their keys 5 and decorative ideas to create a home-cocoon . Materials, lights and colors, everything goes to warm the space, humanizing and personalizing their “home” to feel good to live better.

Feeling good at home is to have its bearings. Its corners to itself. His favorite things. This is also not to go backwards after a day’s work. For this it is necessary to appropriate areas, parts and volumes, to better create his home-cocoon. One where we will love to relax, take time to relax, unwind. The key 5 a decor where you feel good with the architect Charles Zana and interior designer, Adra Bataille.

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1. Enclose without isolating space for privacy

“One of the first questions to ask when investing a place is what we want to see and not see.” The designer interior Adra Bataille hand, in fact, the principle that we must work partitioning. Without imagining floor to ceiling partitions, but rather to give rhythm and warmth to a home. “A loft can come soften a high ceiling, she explains. As for furniture provided storage space, it can make office partition between living room and dining room. At the same time, a simple glass pad between a bedroom and bathroom can both recreate the intimacy and bring warmth. ” Even work on volumes from the architect Charles Zana. His priority: “remove the rough edges to give fluidity.” What he has realized in the Parisian hotel Marianne, whom he imagined every room “like an apartment” for travelers “feel at ease”.

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2. Focus on the colors to warm your decor atmopshere

“The colors have a soul and they warm atmosphere, “observes Adra Bataille. So she puts … everywhere! And she dares mixtures: “I do not allow myself the strong colors, such as a hard blue or coral, if I can soften them with more neutral tones like gray, for example.” More measured, Charles Zana focuses more on the timeless “color not too involved” not to attack, do not oppress. If personally, the colors that will inspire him to pink for Marianne he opted for “the gray hot. ” Chic classic.

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3. Playing with light for a very warm cocoon Deco

“I like to add windows to a hallway. Even if it’s just a bull’s-eye, it brings natural light and more,” said Adra Bataille. Because according to her, the warmth of a cocoon also means “this outdoor mix that gets inside.” As for the lighting, it treats equally focusing on sources of indirect lighting. Bias found in the rooms-apartments at Marianne, where Charles Zana-center the ceiling, placed a lamp on the bedside table, another on the desktop. As for the living room, he wished with an illuminating library with bright spots, “to avoid spots that are too store”.

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4. Focus on beautiful materials for decor cocoon

Fabrics, wallpaper , cream of some paints … all these textures bring a real “plus” an interior. “Always with a view to create a cocoon, a warm atmosphere, we must bring the matter said Adra Bataille. This can be done just with a bedspread, a fabric ottoman, curtains or carpet.” View shared by the Casa do Passadi├žo, Portugal. For the three interior designers behind this agency, a room , for example, does not contemplate without “carpets, wallpaper, fabrics and Egyptian cotton sheets.” At Marianne fabrics with different patterns but the same color were mixed, blended, “red herring,” said Charles Zana. In fact, to avoid the formal, the copied and pasted from one room to another, uniformity that dehumanizes an apartment or house.

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5. Customize to give a soul to its interior

“Finally, I am against a total look in an interior says Adra Bataille. For we must customize to give a soul. But this customization will be done with blends contemporary furnishings with antiques, a chair with a designer Buffet Family … Do not hesitate to call, not to end up in a cold universe, impersonal, where one is not found. “

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The 5 Keys to Decor Where I Feel Relaxed

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