18 Blackboard Inspired Home Interiors for Kids

Creativity is no longer exclusive to classrooms. At home, they take practical and decorative function and can be used in various ways. Check out our suggestions.

1. The table of the Loud Lemon advertising agency in the meeting room is framed by painted wall with paint to slate.

Black board (18)

2. Designed by Architect Cinthia Liberatori, The Sayerlack is a board and pine furniture with vibrant pink paint which was applied with compressor.

Black board (17)


Black board (16)

4. Balcony with paint wall slate and toys for the daughters of socio-director of VIMER businesswoman, Camila Salek, decorated by herself.

Black board (15)

5. In book publishing house Vanessa Gonçalves and businessman Dane Calligaris can not miss words. Therefore, the door received the layer of black ink slate with piece of music written with chalk. Interior Designer Project by Marcel Steiner.

Black board (14)

6. The kitchen decoy: The wall which connects the door of the balcony is the painted with black ink for whiteboard, used to jot down reminders with chalk.

Black board (13)

7. In the kitchen with ceramic floor, Fernanda Dabbur painted the wall with white color next to the dining corner. A track with green enamel-school, which serves as a chalk board for notes.

Black board (12)

8. Kids love to paint. So that they do not write on the walls of the house, It is worth investing on a blackboard in the room.

Black board (11)

9. Good idea for anyone who is tired of conventional doors: This was painted with black matte paint and became a wall messages and drawings. Designed by architect Felipe Rio Branco

Black board (10)

10. The house does not need to be minimalist, classic or modern. It can be a mixture of all this, but shouldn’t have the face of the owners. So is this house, Which has an open kitchen to the living room. Note the glass: that’s where the locals write what They have for lunch or for dinner

Black board (9)

11. Expanded with the area of the old pantry, the kitchen won the central island with teak bench. The wall was coated with disassembled wine boxes and a blackboard to write the menu of the day. Designed by Architect Flavia Petrossi.

Black board (8)

12. The blackboard paint layer left this fun dining room. The box with magnets, residents put family photos. Yellow lamps were bought in a Danish style.

Black board (7)

13. The scribbles small house turned attraction in the design by architects Juliana Moses and Paula Mattar. The wall of the playroom, 3.15 x 2.80 m, won magic with a panel-board magnetized. The project redbourn sheet metal.

Black board (6)

14. Along the table, Belonged to the mother of the owner, the artist dedeia Meirelles, the Supernatural chairs (Ross Lovegrove design for Moroso) make up the breakfast room. The board serves to record messages and express desires.

Black board (5)

15. This cabinet, designed by artist Doris Sochaczewshi, has the doors painted with raspberry color ink for whiteboard.

Black board (4)

16. This toilet is a cheap. Its walls were given black ink to function as slate, in which the hosts and friends can write and draw whatever they want.

Black board (3)

17. Grandparents designed this little corner especially to organize the mess of grandchildren. The board on the wall and painted hopscotch on the ground make it fun. The shelf helps organizing the toys.

Black board (2)

18. The kitchen of this apartment, designed by piece architect Laura Faria, has purple painted metal sheet. There the resident displays postcards, travel photos and artwork, as well as acclaimed writers and texts of his own.

Black board (1)

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18 Blackboard Inspired Home Interiors for Kids

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