Volkshotel: 9 Unique Rooms In Amsterdam Hotel


Once a daily newspaper home office, the Volkshotel Amsterdam is currently a 172 room hotel that has rooms extending from little and comfortable to enormous and welcoming. While most of the rooms are standard and traditional, nine of the rooms have lived planned by modelers and inside originators that every essential unusual complex elements and subject. Here’s a more critical take a gander at all nine rooms.

1. You Are Here in Volkshotel Amsterdam

This room idea in Volkshotel Amsterdam was made by Swaantje Nijkamp, Linde Ex, and Ella Gil and outlined by Elwin van Heyningen. The superior room illuminates in various distinctive routes running from a basic enlightened bed to an all out neon party. The room additionally includes an original guide on the wall that permits you to choose a point on it and have film from that place assumed onto your wall.

hotel-room1 Volkshotel Amsterdam

2. Cabin in the Woods

As its name recommends, this room in Volkshotel Amsterdam, planned by Gabor Ginsberg, was made for the individuals who cherish nature. The bed sits in a tree house or cabin-like structure, there’s a loft with comfortable covers ideal for hanging out in, and plants in the shower make the sentiment being in nature without the danger of bugs or terrible climate.


3. Bathing in Volkshotel Amsterdam

Bike A Japanese tub sits amidst this room, planned by Hanna Maring, and is separated from the living and sleeping spaces just by a sliding pink screen. The open and insignificant room visitors to unwind and loosen up in the spa-like space after long days out exploring the city.

hotel-room03 Volkshotel Amsterdam

4. Edmund

Designed Planned by Jos Blom and Jasper Eustace, this room in Volkshotel Amsterdam made for the individuals who cherish the experience. Plants are scattered all through the chamber, and the bathtub at the highest point of a limited staircase designed to mimic the move up a mountain. Indeed, even the shower continues to the courageous feel of the room as it reproduces the sentiment remaining under a waterfall.

5. Johnny Jukebox

This room designed on account of music sweethearts. Remco Gonggrijp used geometric shapes, included encompass sound, and additionally a collection of vinyl, CDs, and tapes to allow visitors to feel like DJs as they lay in bed, relax in the shower, or move around the room.

Volkshotel Amsterdam

6. White Bike Room in Volkshotel Amsterdam

While trying to incorporate a standout amongst the most quintessentially Dutch components, This van Oostveen made a room that joins bicycle components into everything. The walls covered in white bikes, the bed is in a basket (Dutch bike cart), and the place brings two white bicycles that you can use your stay to explore the city.

7. Danny’s Room

Named after the deer that connects the room in Volkshotel Amsterdam, this random room, designed by Eva van Halewijn, incorporates old Dutch components and fun colors to make a space that is both unique and welcoming – the bed is in organic product box to help you wake up feeling “fresh and fruity.”

8. Cinema Boudoir

This room, designed by Maja Markovic, utilizes dark, white, and red to make a cozy and realistic climate propelled by the Electric Cinema in London. You can connect your portable PC to a gadget in the room and have your most loved films projected onto the wall and watch them from anyplace in the room, including from the bath behind the extra large bed. A romantic place in Volkshotel, Amsterdam.

9. Soixante Neuf

Bordering with allurement, this room designed by Rosa Lisa Winkel highlights a suspended bed, a shower on a platform, double gives, and ill-humored lighting that all join to the chamber’s mysterious and romantic air.


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Volkshotel: 9 Unique Rooms In Amsterdam Hotel

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