7 Basic Tips for Remodelling Kitchen

Reform implies redistribute kitchen space, better aesthetically and functionally. Remodel only give a change of aspect, which is probably cheaper and can be further working properly with paint and colors.

Remodel Kitchen

1. Paint Walls and Ceiling

What always is customary, change the color of the walls, is essential in any remodeling, and the cheapest and colorful way to do it. The new colors … is an issue. You can see colors for kitchens .

2. Renew Furniture with Paint

A simple and economical way to remodel the furniture is to change the doors and drawer fronts. This way we keep the rest of the furniture that may be more costly.

But if the furniture is in good condition, and we do not have much budget, a couple of coats of paint can renew them completely. Maybe change the varnished by a white lacquered would be an alternative.

3. The Tiles or Ceramic

This is one of the most cumbersome tasks of remodeling a kitchen or bathroom. To change requires investment in money, in addition to works that are uncomfortable. But there is always the option to paint the tiles with a special paint.

To give a more modern air to the kitchen you could choose the same color of the walls, unifying color throughout the room.

4. Change the Counter

Certainly you can also paint the top, but not good to abuse the paint. If you make a neat and delicate work can be, but you can create a mess.

In the market you will find coatings and synthetic countertops low price and good performance, which mimic stone and wood to perfection. The coatings adhere to the anterior surface with special glues.

5. Doors and windows

The entrance and exit windows: this is a perfect time to give them a coat of paint that renewal time. You can see more in painting doors and windows .

6. Change the lighting

Light is a fundamental aspect in any environment, according to intensity the color of the walls may look different , and the most lively or dull decor.

To modify the appreciation we have of the kitchen light switch is as important as changing the paint color. Locate a new lamp, diaper changing location, renews the curtains.

7. A modern air

And if what you want is to give a modern touch to your kitchen, you see a little outdated, you should follow some of these points:

  • Use curtains or blinds flat.
  • Changes the door handles and drawers modern models.
  • Changes handles or door handles to match shooters.
  • Use simple shelves.
  • Avoid frills and patterns, lean over smooth surfaces.
  • Change the taps for monocomando.
  • Renew the dishwasher or sink.
  • Use smoked or frosted glass furniture.
  • Use silver rather than gold.

I hope these simple Remodelling Kitchen tips will be useful to all of you.

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7 Basic Tips for Remodelling Kitchen

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