15 Excellent & Stylish Storage Beds

Adjusting in compact space room is a difficult task but when it comes to bed people concerned about Looks, Comfort and Size neglecting the storage aspect of beds. Ideal for small apartments, compact rooms these bed provide an additional space which can be utilized to store the stuff or display it on sight. Ideal use for bookcase or drawers, These contemporary bed doesn’t compromises on the comfort and elegant looks.

1. Matera Bed with Storage

Made  from Solid walnut or oak case frame, bed rails and drawer fronts, The Matera bed offers beveled edges and sculptural qualities to common household objects. The bed has six full-extension side drawers that rest off the floor.

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Matera bed is designed by Sean Yoo.

 2. Chesterfield Upholstered Headboard & Storage Platform Bed

Crafted with a thickly padded hardwood frame, fully upholstered including the fronts of the four storage drawers with oatmeal linen, Chesterfield bed is highly luxurious and comfortable.

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Available in Full, Queen King bed sizes.


3. Malm Storage Bed

Best Suited for compact rooms Malm bed’s storage space revealed by lifting the slatted base. With low maintenance and easy clean using a damp cloth and a mild cleaner, This bed is made from Real wood veneer will make this bed age gracefully.

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 Malm Storage bed is designed by Eva Lilja Löwenhielm.


4. Urban Basics Bed

Made with eco-friendly veneers and high quality real wood, Urban Basic Bed is clean, minimalist bed design with plenty of storage and space inside six soft self-closing drawers. Painted with toxic free paints, this bed is perfect complement to a youth or grownup bedroom.

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urban bed (6)

urban bed (7)


5. Marlo Storage Bed

A stylish, elegant bed made from Tatum grey( soft feel, excellent durability and appealing texture), that matches traditional beds besides offering a storage drawer that pulls out from the foot of the bed.

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Marlo bed (5)

Marlo bed (6)


6.  Modu-licious Storage Bed

Made from a sleek wooden frame, Modu-licious offers six steel drawers for storage with a simple combination of sleeping and storage.  Available in several colors like Robin’s Egg Blue, Slate, Red, Ivory etc.

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Modu-licious Storage Bed (4)

Modu-licious Storage Bed (5)

7. Mandal Bed Frame with Storage

Made from birch wood, Mandal gives you an extra storage space with 4 large drawers.

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Designed by Nike Karlsson.

Mandal (2)

Mandal (3)

8. Buden Bed

Made From solid Bamboo, Buden bed is clean and minimalist design for contemporary homes. The Storage space offered inside the bed makes it more unique. It is handmade in LA and uses sheets of bamboo for its beautiful construction.

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buden bed (4)

buden bed (5)


9. Tahoe Noir Canopy with 2-Side Storage

Tahoe Noir Canopy is bed that offers 2 slide storage. The height of the headboard is 44 inches. Priced for $1,699.

Tahoe Noir Canopy with 2-Side Storage


10. Cabin in Fitch Bay, Quebec

A Modern bed design including bathroom in upstairs loft includes a closet on the back side. A spacious headboard book shelve with a copper lamp for reading at late night.



11. Double Bed for Kids Room Under Eaves

Want to utilize space under eaves with effective storage, here is what you can do. A multipurpose bunk beds with storage drawers below it, with a bookshelves separating the berths. This boys room showcases perfect uses of space for storage as well as living.

boys room


12. Book Shelve Bed

A bed design to showcase you books, Especially designed for those who likes to read late at night. Not compromising with the elegant looks of the bed, a book shelve is placed cleverly under the bed.

bookshelve bed


13.  Bed Over Drawers

An elegant kids room, Designed by Smith & Vansant in Vermont as they put two beds over drawers. By placing beds over the drawer the designer solves storage issues in kids rooms and also gives a clear view through windows.

Bed over drawers

14. Custom Corner Bed

Designed by architects at union studio, This bed utilizes most out of available space in compact room. The bench on the side and drawers below the bed offer good storing space.

corner bedroom


15. Bed for guests too

An under the bed slider with an extra bed for guests. An effective storage utilization.

bed with extra bed

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15 Excellent & Stylish Storage Beds

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