10 Storage Friendly Designs for Kids Room

Children need space to rest, study and store their things. They also want to feel independent and comfortable in your bedroom. It manages a youth environment and optimal distribution with modular furniture; its possibilities are endless.

Get More Out Of Your Kids Room

1. Get More Out Of Your Kids Room

Save space with a bed that can break down during the day. One can solve the shortage of space placing the bed and the study on the same front. The key is to place them at different heights, as in this composition of the Radical Kids program: front with pull-down bed, hydraulic system and ladder table and chest of drawers and library, 1.09 x 0.28 x 2.39 m.

Specifies The Zone of Rest With A Socket

2. Specifies The Zone of Rest With A Socket

With this kids room, you’ll get to mark a separation between the bed and the study table and protect the wall from scratches and stains. This composition is also highlighted by modern bedside chest of drawers and a stage. Young Studio program, Carré signature bedroom is made of wood veneer of beech. The set includes bed, chest of drawers, laminate flooring, socket with two fronts in L and shelf with two cajoncitos. Library game in 0.50 x 0.25 x 2.42 m.

Teens Love This Sleek Bedroom

3. Teens Love This Sleek Bedroom

The key is not recharging the atmosphere with bulky furniture, but choosing the designs of straight lines with fronts in light colours. In this bedroom, it opted for a horizontally modular composition in which the bed rests on a platform with drawers and without headboard. Study table designed with aluminium and glass envelope.

Dare To Wear The Brightest Colors

4. Dare To Wear The Brightest Colors

Furniture in raised tones, such as this Green pistachio are cheerful and very well if it is wood clear. Also you can reduce the intensity of its color leaving the wall of uncluttered area of study, as this signature Azcue program Blok bedroom was. Also look at the Bookshelf that is next to the window: has an open side design that makes it perfect to not reload the environment. Composition of the picture, with fronts lacquered green and details in there.

Suitable For Small Spaces

5. Suitable For Small Spaces

The modular programs allow plenty of objects to address the problem of space. Pictured, modular bedroom Adhoc II model of the firm Danona, distributed in the form of U. Where the wall is located next to bed measuring 2.47 m, The headboard and the Wardrobe is 2.95 m and desktop, 2.35 m. Trundle bed with cabinet and drawer; closet; bookcase with drawers and desk study. Available in veneer and seven different lacquered.

A Spacious Desk In Kids Room

6. A Spacious Desk In Kids Room.

Choose on the desktop with long, deep and even the way that interests you. In this bedroom Asoral the table narrows as it approaches the bed , to avoid shocks. In addition, to take advantage of the wall was free on the bed, a “bridge” structure with a shelf that has a lot of ability to books was placed. It belongs to the Mediterranean program combining beech wood, veneer and textured fronts in red, but is also available in other colors.

Bring Two Tone Colors To The Kids Room

7. Bring Two Tone Colors To The Kids Room.

It uses the contrasting colors to highlight the design of the furniture. This was done in this bedroom Leroa signature, which highlights the sliding panel of the shelf, which is decorated with an original checkerboard two contrasting colors: red and dark green. The composition belongs to Kino program conducted ash veneer, combined with color tinted fronts DM, available in eight colors.

Arrange The Furniture in L Shape

8. Arrange The Furniture in L Shape.

A distribution right is to place the table study between the bed and the closet to separate and not overwhelm the space. You can see an example in this bedroom, The furniture is designed of solid pine wood with honey color finish. To visually lighten the bedroom, study table as a blown board that accommodates two brothers.

Get More Space With a Loft Bed and a Desk On Wheels

9. Get More Space With a Loft Bed and a Desk On Wheels.

Raise the bed on a cabinet to double space and choose a table with wheels to put it under the bed, while your son does not study. A part of the bed is flown because it relies on a library that is 27 cm deep. The table when not in use, is placed beneath the bed. The furniture is veneered beech and the Wardrobe is textured white; available in cherry veneer and tones.

Two Beds Occupying The Same Space

10. Two Beds Occupying The Same Space.

There are perfect in a bedroom with limited space, because the design is visually lighter than traditional literal. The design of these beds “sliding” is inspired by the bed nest, but are different because their style is more modern and the lower bed is visible. Also, to get more space, you can put boxes with wheels underneath for storing clothes, shoes and other stuff.



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10 Storage Friendly Designs for Kids Room

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